Call Me Karizma is a multi-genre artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. With influences of rock, hip-hop, pop, and punk, Riz is the voice of the unheard and outcasts. He does not shy away from storytelling, covering topics on mental health, politics, and relationships. 

A career built off of touring, Riz has also developed a strong presence online amassing over 175 million streams on Spotify, tens of millions of views on YouTube, and millions of followers throughout social media platforms. From 2018-2020, he was signed to Sony Music Entertainment’s Arista Records releasing two EPs under them.

Following a separation with the label in mid-2020, he released his first major album To Hell With Hollywood. As an independent artist with no manager, he charted on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Charts.

Riz has seen international success with a strong fanbase in countries such as Russia, Germany, and Ukraine. In 2021 he will be headlining a United States tour to support an EP called Bleached Serpent.


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